Grand Palais

«Grand Palais is an off-space sitting on the edge of Helvetia Platz across the Alpine Museum, the Historical Museum, the Yehudi Menuhin Forum, and Kunsthalle Bern – my home since January 2012. It is a two-room wooden cabin (an exhibition space dedicated to art and a bar devoted to socialising) that sticks out like a sore thumb admidst its brick and mortar institutional neighbours. A multi-colored structure which flaunts its difference with a bombastic name and a garish neon sign. Late at night, I stare at its rainbow halo from my office window with a certain amount of envy.»
(Fabrice Stroun, Direktor Kunsthalle Bern, 2012–2015)

Seit 2008 realisieren wir in wechselnder Belegschaft und in verschiedenen Kooperationen Ausstellungen und kulturelle Veranstaltungen.

Nadine Städler
Stefan Guggisberg
Walter Pfeiffer
Lang / Baumann
Marcel Freymond
Christian Grogg
Haus am Gern / Barbara Meyer Cesta und Rudolf Steiner
Peter Gysi
Michael Sans und Gregory Gilbert-Lodge
J&L Defer
Linus Bill
Aubry / Broquard
Andrea Heller